Commission for a Friend

Here’s a piece I just finished for a friend from work. I’m experimenting with darker papers and white charcoal. I never really took any formal lessons growing up, so I feel like I’ve got a whole world of methodologies out there with which I have no facility. Thought I’d try to start catching up a bit.



The Superior Spider-man

Here’s a quick sketch I did tonight of Spider-man. Those of you at all interested in comics might know that Spider-man is in the middle of a story arc that has Dr. Octopus switch minds with Peter Parker and then kill his old self, occupied by Peter Parker’s conscience. Dr. Octopus is overcome by the Parker’s memories and feels compelled to carry on Parker’s role as a superhero. It should be an interesting arc, and no doubt they will find a way to bring Parker back to life. They altered the costume a wee bit with the new series, which will be called Superior Spider-man, although you probably can’t tell from this sketch:



Greek Columns

This is a piece I recently finished for a friend at work. I’m coming off quite a long break from doing artwork, and I was surprised how difficult it was for me to do the background and the hair (two of my artistic nemeses). I used my phone to take a picture of the finished drawing because my scanner’s not big enough to accomodate the whole thing (that’s why the paper seems brighter in the upper left).